Hey chica! Thanks for sharing a few moments with me today so I can know you better and learn more about what excites you. Outside of what I already know and love about you, of course. :)
That's awesome! What do you look for most when you scroll through your feed? *

It's no secret I like writing about a lot of things, mostly as the idea comes to me. :) What are the posts you relate to the very most though? *

Would you be interested in seeing new topics, like... *

Why do you like reading my blog? How does it stand out from the other blogs you read? What do you think will make it BETTER? and tell me truthfully, your candidness is something I admire most about you. :)

Should the name of my blog change? *

Here's the thing, I started Brave Girl 3.5 years ago as an aspiration to be courageous as a young creative and ultimately in my daily life. This space provided that for me and I learned so much. But we all grow and transition into different things depending on the phase of life we're in and I truly feel like I'm growing and evolving in to a new one. I always want this space of mine to reflect that. My voice and why I blog won't change but I'd love your thoughts on if I should change my blog to simply, MY name. LMK!

{{answer_55837034}}Why do you think this could be a good move?

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